About Us

An organisation is as strong as the foundation that it is built on. In our view, people is at the heart of this foundation.

We believe that it is vital that people and the organisations that they work for, fit snugly like LEGO® bricks. Once the bricks are interlocked, they are able to withstand great amounts of pressure without compromising the integrity of their structure. With the right fit, employees will be energised at work and are productive.

We provide a myriad of tools and interventions that can help organisations achieve this fit between their employees and themselves. We practise evidence based processes that can be measured to ensure the effectiveness of our interventions.

Ultimately, with our team of trained psychologists and consultants, we endeavour to build and strengthen this foundation Brick By Brick!

60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #04-50 Singapore 409051